Refund Policy

100% Money Back Guarantee:

All the services on our websites are covered by 100% Money Back Guarantee. We provide such a guarantee to give honest customers the confidence that the service they are purchasing will be delivered in optimism. In order to protect the legitimacy of this guarantee for all parties concerned, the guarantee itself is subject to the following terms.

Our Refund Policy Doesn’t Apply in the Following Cases:

– If Your iPhone IMEI number shows ‘iPhone already unlocked’ according to IMEI checker.
– If  you provide incorrect iPhone IMEI number and an unlock was delivered. Please visit the instructions page to get correct iPhone IMEI number.
– If you choose wrong carrier service while purchasing IMEI Unlock Service. We only unlock the carriers which are listed on our Services page. To avoid this issue, Please use IMEI Checker service and make sure that the IMEI Unlock Service you are purchasing is correct.
– If your iPhone status was inactive before purchasing unlock.
– If your iPhone was lost/stolen/blacklisted/blocked/barred.
– If you provide no proof which shows that the unlock didn’t work, i.e. a video showing the phone
is still locked.
– If your handset gets blocked after the unlock then this guarantee doesn’t apply.


– Upon Completion of the IMEI unlock process, an email notification will be sent to the email address provided (please make sure that you have provided the correct email address), simple instructions to complete the imei unlock is by connecting your iPhone to iTunes.


– In circumstances where an order is yet to be completely fulfilled and customer has provided incorrect data, we will endeavour to cancel any existing order and replace it with new order details. If we are able to cancel the existing order successfully, the delivery time of any such new order will be from the point of change and not from the point of the first sale being processed. We cannot guarantee cancellation. If we are unable to cancel the order, the customer would be required to re-order with correct details.

Unavailable Unlock:

– This means that it is not possible to unlock the iPhone and further investigation is required to discover the reason for the failure.


– It is not necessary to restore your handset unless you have a jailbroken device, in which case the jailbreak must be removed prior to unlocking (you can re-apply it afterwards without a problem).
– Customers who have a jailbroken iPhone prior to unlocking are strongly advised to make sure that their ‘Contacts’, ‘Messages’ and any other important data is properly backed up and synced with iTunes prior to attempting any unlocking procedure. We will not accept responsibility for the loss of customer’s data, (if) this occur for any reason.


– We will not tolerate any attempts to obtain our services by fraudulent means. We report all such attempts to defraud our company to the relevant credit reference agencies and authorities.
– To fight frauds, we are obliged to log the IP addresses of customer computers at each and every stage of the buying and delivery process.
– In cases where we feel confident that a customer is attempting to defraud our company, in addition to recovering funds we will also forward an invoice for a demand for payment including a $100 administration fee which will be applied to the invoice. Customer will be allowed a 30 day grace period within which to pay the invoice after which time, a further administration fee of $50 per month will be levied against the debt and interest (charged at 10% per annum / 0.9% per month) will be applied to the full upstanding amount. If the invoice remains unpaid after 90 days, we will seek recovery via the law courts and our debt collection agents.
– In case of any charge back the associated IMEI will be blacklisted in the iTunes database, preventing it from working on all networks worldwide. This will be PERMANENT.


– We reserve the right to terminate the order of any customer who demonstrates any form of verbal abuse or aggression towards any member of our staff either verbally or in writing. All communication will be terminated with such customers and all correspondence forwarded to our legal department. Any such customer would also forfeit their right to a refund in this instance.


– If a handset is reported lost or stolen (or abused), it may be ‘Blacklisted’ (also known as ‘Blocked’ or ‘Barred’), preventing it from ever being used again in the UK on any of the major networks. It is not possible to find out if a ‘SIM Locked’ or ‘SP Locked’ handset has been ‘Blacklisted’ from any particular network or all major networks without first performing the ‘unlock’ procedure using our services. Therefore, if we process an unlock and you find out the phone is in fact logged as lost, stolen or abused, we will not refund your money. We will process your unlock request but cannot legally make a ‘blacklisted’ handset work again.


– The domain name “” the website, and all associated information is legally owned & operated by “Mobee Solutions” Registered in Australia.
– All 3rd party brands & logos are the registered trademarks of their respected owners. This website is not affiliated or part any of the network operators or handset manufacturers detailed on our websites.
– We will not be held responsible for any loss of data that may result whilst attempting to unlock your handset using any of our unlocking procedures.
– The above conditions are in addition to your statutory rights which are not affected.